Iris Johansen’s ‘Smokescreen’ Is One Wild Ride [REVIEW]

Woman silhouette against smoke

Eve Duncan finds danger deep in the jungle. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A plea for help. A heart-wrenching story. One sinister plot. When forensic sculptor Eve Duncan gets involved in a case, things are bound to get dicey. Will she come out the other side unscathed? Find out in Iris Johansen’s latest spellbinder, Smokescreen.

Iris Johansen's SMOKESCREEN

Grand Central

When guerrilla soldiers decimate an African village, leaving behind bodies which are hardly recognizable, journalist Jill Cassidy wants justice. Determined to make the guilty pay for their unspeakable act of violence, she will do whatever she must to get retribution. But she can’t do it alone.

With the help of her friend Jed Novak, a CIA operative in the area, as well as others she meets along the way, Jill devises a plan to reveal the mastermind behind this heinous crime. And she’s not above implementing a little drama to get what she wants from those who can help her.

That’s when Jill contacts Eve Duncan under the guise of an interview. Although Eve doesn’t appreciate being manipulated, she also can’t resist helping since she agrees that something should be done to bring this story to the world’s attention. Thus Eve, along with her husband Quinn, Jed and Jill race against time as they face off with countries near collapse and power hungry rulers in an effort to defeat injustice and help the survivors begin to heal.

With Smokescreen, Johansen has written an action-packed, tension-filled novel with more twists and turns than a switchback road on a mountainside. That being said, readers will find themselves white knuckling the pages, holding on for dear life as they try to figure out the plot’s ultimate denouement. This is one story you won’t be able to put the book down until the very last word is read. Smokescreen is classic Johansen!

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Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen
(Photo by Louis Tonsmeire)


Iris Johansen is the number one New York Times bestselling author of more than 30 consecutive bestsellers. Her series featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan has sold more than 20 million copies and counting and was the subject of the acclaimed Lifetime movie The Killing Game.

Along with her son, Roy, Iris has also co-authored the New York Times bestselling series featuring investigator Kendra Michaels.

Johansen lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

Readers may learn more about the author at, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

By Iris Johansen
432 pp. Grand Central. $28

Purchase Smokescreen at one of these fine online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, and Powell’s.

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