Is This ‘End Game’ for David Baldacci’s Blue Man? [REVIEW]

Assassins in Grand, Colorado

When their handler disappears, Will Robie and Jessica Reel head to Grand, Colorado to find him in David Baldacci’s End Game. (Photo by Jonathan Hull, Flickr)

When their boss disappears into thin air, two of the nation’s best assets must travel to the heart of the country to find him before all is lost forever. The tension mounts in David Baldacci’s latest nailbiting thriller, End Game. 

David Baldacci's END GAME

Grand Central

The author of Absolute Power and Memory Man has done it again: he’s crafted a thriller that will captivate his loyal fans and will undoubtedly win him some new ones. In End Game, U.S. operatives Will Robie and Jessica Reel are called in to tackle a very serious assignment, one that could affect national security on a grand scale. Their mission is to find the mysterious Blue Man.

Last anyone had heard, Blue Man took a vacation to go fly fishing in rural Colorado where he grew up. For him, it was the perfect place to go off the grid and relax. But when no one hears from him and no means of communication seems to work, folks in Washington start to get antsy.

Those new to the Will Robie series may wonder who Blue Man is and why he is so integral to the inner workings of the goverment. But have no fear, Baldacci expertly leads us down a path of intrigue, deception, and murder to uncover Blue Man’s true identity.

I must say that Baldacci writes Blue Man in such a way that readers will find themselves caring very deeply for him, even though by nature this character is a very insular man and is a dichotomy in many ways. Still, at heart, he is very much human. As a result, he takes center stage in this latest installment of the Will Robie series. Sure, Robie and Reel are captivating and mission driven in their own right, but they are quite flawed and emotionally stunted due to all the baggage they carry around from their past, and we don’t see them rise above any of it until the very end of the book.

Blue Man, on the other hand, came alive on the page like no other. He is a transcendent character who is sure to touch readers on many levels, and he totally makes this book worth the read. So whether you’re a first time Baldacci reader or a diehard Robie fan, lose yourself in the frenetic, enthralling, high-stakes action of End Game and be reminded once again why David Baldacci is a master of the suspense genre.


David Baldacci

David Baldacci
(Photo by Alexander James)

David Baldacci is the international number one bestselling author of 34 novels for adults, including The FixNo Man’s Land, The Last Mile, The GuiltyMemory Manand The Escape

Several of his books have been adapted for film and television, including his 1996 debut novel, Absolute Power, which starred and was directed by Clint Eastwood.

More than 130 million copies of his books are in print worldwide, having been translated into more than 45 languages and sold in more than 80 countries.

David is also the author of five novels for young readers, including the number one bestseller The Finisher, which is in development for a feature film, and its number one sequel, The Keeper

Together with his wife, Elizabeth, the Baldaccis founded the Wish You Well Foundation®, which supports family and adult literacy in the United States by fostering and promoting the development and expansion of literacy and educational programs.

David lives in Virginia with his family. Visit his home on the Weblike him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

By David Baldacci
416 pgs. Grand Central Publishing. $29.

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