Nothing Is What It Seems In Jayne Castle’s ‘Illusion Town’ [REVIEW]

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With its opulent casinos and hotels, the desert city of Illusion Town is totally unique. (Photo by Thomas Hawk, Flickr)


Disoriented and blurry eyed, a woman wakes up married to a man she barely knows in a decadent city where anything is possible. How did this happen? Why would she have married him? And what will she do next? Find out in Jayne Castle’s thirteenth novel in her futuristic Harmony series, Illusion Town. 

Jayne Castle's ILLUSION TOWN

Jove Books

Neither Hannah West, a woman with a questionable past, nor Elias Coppersmith, a hunky mining heir, remember their nuptials. What they do recall is being on the run, they just don’t remember who they were running from or why.

As they retrace their steps into the labyrinthine catacombs beneath the city in their pursuit of answers, much is on the line. Not only are their futures in peril, but the longer they spend in one another’s company, the more they both risk unwittingly losing their hearts to their new mate.

With Illusion Town, Jayne Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) weaves a compelling novel that is vividly conceived, steeped in danger, and laugh out loud funny. The setting itself is carefully drawn, and readers are subtly lured from the dazzling lights of the city down into the creepy depths below which seem to reek of malice.

Like most of Krentz’s work, whether she’s writing under her own name, as Castle or as Amanda Quick, the biggest allure here are the characters themselves. Hannah is a larger-than-life heroine that comes off the page and Elias is downright sexy. But the numerous supporting characters are equally enthralling, and they will likely catch you by surprise with their quick wit, as they did me.

Carefully plotted and relentlessly paced, Illusion Town is an action adventure that is fueled by memorable, quotable dialogue readers won’t soon forget. If you love books that seem to shoot you out of a rocket into the stratosphere and make you catch your breath at every turn, this is one of those stories that you’ll want to keep.


Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz
(Photo by Marc Von Borstel)

Jayne Ann Krentz is the author of more than 50 New York Times bestsellers. Her recent novels include Secret SistersTrust No One, River Roadand Dream Eyes

She has written contemporary romantic suspense novels under that name, as well as futuristic and historical romance novels under the pseudonyms Jayne Castle and Amanda Quick, respectively.

She lives in Seattle. Connect with her online at, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

By Jayne Castle
352 pgs. Jove Books. $7.99.

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