Sandra Brown’s ‘Friction’ Ratchets Up The Suspense [REVIEW]

Sandra Brown's FRICTION

Sandra Brown’s FRICTION is a nail-biting thrill ride that will keep you turning pages late into the night.
(Photo courtesy Grand Central Publishing)

Friction will amaze readers from the very first page. With breakneck speed, Sandra Brown has readers tightening their safety belts as she plunges them headfirst into action and shifts their need for justice into overdrive. 

After bottoming out in the wake of his wife’s death four years ago, Crawford Hunt wants custody of his daughter but must prove to the court he is worthy of another chance. The only thing that stands in the way is his deceased wife’s father and his job. Hunt is a Texas Ranger.

Time and unforeseen occurrence put Hunt in the path of many wayward foes during his Ranger years. Brown’s deft descriptions propel the story and wreak havoc on our nerves as she ratchets up the suspense with intense scenes that prove Hunt’s unconditional love for his daughter and his job. In Friction, Brown fully explores the hard choices a parent must sometimes make for his child.

Readers are also destined to fall in love with Georgia, Hunt’s five-year-old daughter. Her precocious manner and effervescent zest for life will capture your heart in minutes. As readers turn each page, they will champion Hunt’s decision to catch the villain who is trying to kill him.

With a breathtaking game of cat and mouse and a cringe-worthy custody battle, one thing is certain: in Friction, Brown delivers yet another stunning suspense novel with enough twists and turns she keeps readers guessing until the very end. My bet? Fans won’t put this book down until they finish reading it in one sitting like I did. Happy reading!

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown
(Photo courtesy Andrew Eccles)


Sandra Brown is the author of more than 60 New York Times bestsellers, including Mean Streak, Deadline, Low Pressure, Lethal, Tough Customer, Smash Cut, Smoke Screen, Play Dirty, Ricochet, Chill Factor and White Hot.

She began her career in 1981 and has published over 70 novels. In 2008 she was named Thriller Master by the International Thriller Writer’s Association and was the president of the Mystery Writers of America in 2012. A lifelong Texan, she lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband Michael Brown.

By Sandra Brown
416 pgs. Grand Central Publishing. $26.

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