Chevy Stevens’ ‘That Night’ Is An Intense Novel You Won’t Want To Put Down

Chevy Stevens

Chevy Stevens (Photo courtesy Poppy Photography)

From the first page until the last, Chevy Stevens’ That Night drew me in like no other novel. Stevens is truly gifted when it comes to weaving a chilling psychological thriller.

In That Night, Toni Murphy, the oldest daughter in her family, is bullied at school, has no friends except her boyfriend, Ryan, and feels her mother doesn’t really understand her.

As the novel unfolds, the reader soon realizes Toni’s sister, Nicole, is the favorite child and is leading a double life. No matter how Toni tries to help her make better choices, Nicole refuses any assistance from her.

Then one night Nicole is brutally murdered and Toni and Ryan are arrested, tried for murder and convicted. After 15 years in prison, Ryan and Toni are released and want only to exonerate themselves as they try to adjust to life outside prison.

Stevens packs this tightly written story with such emotion and passion, I couldn’t help but hope Toni and Ryan would succeed. The book also touches on many serious topics such as bullying, parental communication, judicial errors and self actualization.

Chevy Stevens That Night

St. Martin’s Griffin

Stevens also vividly portrays Toni as a strong-willed woman who realizes that the choices she made may shape who she is, but they don’t have to define her. This is demonstrated by the relationship Toni has with an inmate named Margaret.

Margaret is in her fifties and has suffered numerous losses. Still, she continues to see the good in any situation and advocates for personal change.

Toni learns to leave guilt behind and find unconditional acceptance from this woman who sees her potential. These passages between Toni and Margaret truly touched my heart. These women prove that friendship is a truly beautiful thing no matter where it comes from.

After reading That Night, I can’t wait to read Chevy Stevens other novels.

By Chevy Stevens
381 pps. St. Martin’s Press. $15.99.

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