Joy Fielding’s ‘Someone Is Watching’ Will Send Chills Up Your Spine


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Joy Fielding’s Someone Is Watching is a well-crafted psychological thriller. The momentum slows considerably, however, after Bailey Carpenter is attacked. Carpenter is introduced as a strong, self-assured, decisive private investigator who makes tough decisions on a daily basis.

After she is brutally raped while on a stake out, Carpenter free falls into a dark abyss in which every day is absolute torture. It is during these scenes I wondered why she wasn’t seeing a therapist to assist her through her trauma.

When Fielding establishes Bailey’s relationship with Elizabeth Gordon, a therapist, I was finally able to relate to Bailey’s character.

“I see we struck a chord. Tell me what you are feeling Bailey. Try to put it into words. . .”

“I just feel so sad.”

“Then I think you’re ready to start therapy.” (132)

Someone Is Watching

Ballantine Books

Yes, sometimes it takes careful, soulful questioning of ourselves by someone who really cares to begin the journey of self discovery and hope.

Throughout Someone Is Watching, Bailey shows us that when tragedy strikes, you have a say in how it defines you. Questions regarding why a person would intentionally harm someone else must be answered.

Find out how Bailey Carpenter gets those answers in Joy Fielding‘s Someone Is Watching.

By Joy Fielding
384 pps. Ballantine Books. $27.

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