Alex Kava’s ‘Breaking Creed’ Builds Relentless Suspense Until The Very Last Page

Alex Kava's Breaking Creed

Former Marine dog handler Ryder Creed makes his first appearance in Alex Kava’s Breaking Creed. (Photo courtesy G.P. Putnam’s Sons.)

Alex Kava’s new hero cranks up the heat in Breaking Creed, the first installment in a thrilling new series. 

Former Marine Ryder Creed is a veteran who served in Afghanistan before he formed K9 CrimeScents with the help of his business partner, Hannah.

Creed trains dogs to perform search and rescue missions to turn up everything from dead bodies to drugs and bombs.

Kava does such a phenomenal job writing Creed that readers won’t be able to help but fall in love with him after just the first few pages.

From the attachment he has to his dogs, which are more like his extended family than pets, to his idiosyncrasies, Creed’s warm heart, intelligence and compassion shine throughout the novel.

It was Grace’s first helicopter ride, but it was hardly Creed’s. Almost as soon as he’d boarded, the vibration had drummed out a rhythm that threatened to swallow his heartbeat. Without warning, his chest felt as if it might explode. He craned his neck so he could look out and down at the emerald-green water below. He took deep breaths and calmed his nerves. He tried to remind himself that it was the Gulf of Mexico under his feet and not the suffocating dust and rock of Afghanistan” (11-12).

Alex Kava

Alex Kava (Photo courtesy Deborah Groh Carlin)

In Breaking Creed, Kava has assembled a unique cast of rich, authentic personalities that will grab your attention. If you like suspense fiction guaranteed to send chills down your spine, twisted plots and flawed human characters, then pick up Breaking Creed. You won’t be disappointed!

By Alex Kava
306 pps. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. $26.95.

ALEX KAVA is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of psychological suspense fiction. She has been published in 26 countries and has appeared on bestseller lists in Australia, Germany, Poland, Italy and the UK. Critics and fans have praised her long-running Maggie O’Dell series. Breaking Creed is her first novel to feature former Marine dog handler Ryder Creed. The second book in the new series, Silent Creed, is due in book stores in July 2015.


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