Iris and Roy Johansen’s ‘Sight Unseen’ Is A Terrifying And Suspenseful Read

Iris and Roy Johansen

Iris and Roy Johansen

Do you want a complex thriller that you can’t possible put down until you have read the last page? Well look no further than Sight Unseen by Iris and Roy Johansen!

Sight Unseen

St. Martin’s Press

Before Kendra Michaels gained her sight, she relied on her other senses to relate to the world around her. Little did she know that when she became sighted law enforcement circles would clammer for her assistance.

With each page, Iris and Roy Johansen increase the level of suspense as a serial killer copying the gruesome killings of Kendra’s solved cases is finally caught. Or is he?

Sight Unseen delivers one of the most intricately plotted and gripping cat-and-mouse games I’ve ever read, and the story will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The characters are flawed, yet achingly familiar to the reader because of their relatability. Sight Unseen is filled with shocking twists and turns that keep you guessing and waiting to see if good triumphs over evil.

By Iris and Roy Johansen
336 pps. St. Martin’s Press. $27.99.

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