“The Girls Of Atomic City” Explains The Role Women Played In WWII [VIDEO]

Girls of Atomic City


Most people are familiar with the events leading up to and during WWII. However, I didn’t realize to what extent women assisted in the war, particularly in regard to the Manhattan Project. “The Girls Of Atomic City” gives the reader a unique view inside the walls of “Reservation” at Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Denise Kiernan uses beautiful imagery to describe the emotions of her character Kattie, who was leaving Alabama for Tennessee. “With every passing mile, she was that much farther away from her babies. Leaving her children behind, children she’d been told were not welcome at this new place, not if you skin was black, anyway. That was hard.” Every mother in the world can relate to these feelings of separation.

However, as the story unfolds Kattie, as well as all the women on the Reservation, will experience life altering choices. Kiernan writes a captivating account of the scientists and major military and political giants, but also includes the stories of the factory workers and secretaries in this narrative nonfiction book.

Denise Kiernan


All of these people are humanized in such a way that the reader is surprised that no one knows the “real story” of what is taking place in Oak Ridge, Tenn. History buffs and scientists alike will be compelled to continue turning the pages of The Girls Of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan.

No watch an interview our friend Phil Paleologos did with the author.

Originally featured on Fun107.com.

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