Feeding The Hungry One Bite At A Time


One of our favorite annual events in town is Taste of Texarkana which raises money for the Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank. Many of the community’s best restaurants, caterers, grocers and vendors gather to give out approximately 1,000 samples of their signature dishes to the hundreds of folks that come out for a fun time and great food.

This year we attended with our friends Jake and AnaLyse Raney and had a grand time munching on all the tasty eats. Julie’s Deli offered up amazing baked goods. Naaman’s served their melt-in-your-mouth barbecue. Pop’s Place gave us samples of their delicious seafood grits. It seemed like every restaurant in town was on hand for the night. Even the Hooters girls were there doling out luscious wings.

But as fun as it is to sample all the great food our community prepares, the best part of the night is running into colleagues and friends that we don’t see very often. Heather ran into her friends from Eagle Cutting. I ran into friends from the school district. And Jake even introduced us to one of his pals, a local interior designer that he works with on occasion through his painting business. All these folks come out to support the food bank and give something back, all while having a great time themselves.

It definitely makes for an enjoyable evening, and provides us a whole list of new places to eat at in the coming months. Did I mention the seafood grits? Wow, those were something special. Yum!

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

2 Responses to Feeding The Hungry One Bite At A Time

  1. debgilmore says:

    Hi guys! Donna and Mark, my folks are in Ca. for the winter. What did you ever decide about relocation? Heather, that is a cute picture of you. Did you find another job? Love you guys to pieces. Love,


    • Jathan Fink says:

      Hey Deb,

      Idaho apparently wasn’t in the cards. Instead, Jathan got a job transfer to Massachusetts. We’re moving there in January and will be living in the Cape Cod region south of Boston. We went to visit and explore up there in November and the job offer came shortly thereafter. We think it will be a good move and we’re excited about the new opportunity. Hope you guys are all well! We’ll keep you posted with our new info.

      Jathan & Heather

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