Nora Roberts’ ‘Bay of Sighs’ Challenges the Way We Think About Love [REVIEW]


Annika may be from the sea, but she will do anything necessary to protect the other five guardians in Nora Roberts’ Bay of Sighs. (Photo by Klaus Stiefel, Flickr)

In Nora Roberts Bay of Sighs, the second novel in her bestselling Guardians Trilogy, six uniquely talented people must protect and restore three fallen stars to their rightful place before they fall into evil’s wicked hands. One of these guardians is Annika, a mermaid who is eager to fulfill her quest to find the water star and who has fallen in love with her colleague in this matter, a man named Sawyer King. But will he reciprocate her love before she has to return to the sea? There hasn’t been a story like this since Tom Hanks fell in love with Daryl Hannah in the 1984 hit film, Splash. But this time, the story is a bit more complicated than the one Ron Howard brought to the silver screen.  Read more of this post

Nora Roberts’ ‘Stars of Fortune’ Is Decadent, Delicious Fun [REVIEW]

Diving in Corfu

Six strangers come together on an island in the middle of the Ionian Sea for a life changing adventure in Nora Roberts’ Stars of Fortune. (Photo by Danny Thompson, Flickr)

Six people with very disparate secrets are drawn together on the stunning isle of Corfu by an inexplicable force none of them completely understands in Nora Roberts’ Stars of Fortune. But will these total strangers learn to trust one another in time to save mankind from total annihilation? Read more of this post

J.D. Robb’s ‘Brotherhood In Death’ Is Fraught with Intrigue and Mystery [REVIEW]

Police woman

Eve Dallas must find a colleague’s missing cousin before it is too late in BROTHERHOOD IN DEATH.
(Photo by Roberto Bosi, Flickr)

With Brotherhood in Death, New York Times bestselling author J.D. Robb delivers another heart pounding, fast paced thriller featuring tough Lieutenant Eve Dallas. The novel unfolds with Dennis Mira, a university professor and husband of NYPSD’s top profiler, Charlotte Mira, making a surprise visit to see his cousin Edward. Read more of this post

Nora Roberts’ ‘Christmas With You’ Showcases Two Unforgettable Classic Stories [REVIEW]


Gabriel Bradley falls for a pregnant woman on the run in Gabriel’s Angel, one of the classic stories featured in Nora Roberts’ new collection, Christmas with You. (Photo by Wyatt Fisher, Flickr)

Nora Roberts pens words infused with meaning that touch the lives of those who read her novels. Christmas With You is a testament to this fact. In this collection which features two classic stories, Roberts proves once again why she is one of our favorite storytellers.  Read more of this post