Lisa Gardner Sends Us On the Ultimate Thrill Ride with ‘When You See Me’ [REVIEW]

Woman in woods

The Georgia hills keep deadly secrets in Lisa Gardner’s When You See Me. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A picture perfect town. A shocking discovery. Three women who will do anything to get at the truth. Will this case bring them closure or break them forever? Find out in Lisa Gardner’s When You See Me. Read more of this post

Sometimes the Most Dangerous Monsters of All Lurk ‘Right Behind You’ [REVIEW]

Brother and sister

A secret haunts two siblings’ every waking moment in Lisa Gardner’s Right Behind You. (Photo by Vilmos Vincze, Flickr)

She thought she knew him. She thought he saved her. But now the brother she once trusted as a hero may very well turn out to be a monster. All she knows is that he’s back, and if you don’t watch your back, he might be lurking Right Behind You in Lisa Gardner’s latest novel. Read more of this post

Lisa Gardner’s ‘Find Her’ Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder [REVIEW]


Kidnapped and trapped in a coffin-sized pine box, Flora Dane discovers the meaning of fear in Lisa Gardner’s FIND HER.
(Photo by Johannes Winger-Lang, Flickr)

Flora Dane’s worst fears are realized when she is kidnapped and thrust into a pine box specifically built for her. Trapped in total darkness, she claws her way toward survival, never giving up hope that she’ll be saved. Thus begins Lisa Gardner’s latest novel, Find Her, as it blasts out of the gate at breakneck speed, deftly putting us inside Dane’s personal terror and craftily holding readers hostage until the very last page.  Read more of this post