J.A. Jance’s ‘Dance of the Bones’ Celebrates Native American Life [REVIEW]

Murderer's weapon on the table

Murderer’s weapon on the table
(Photo courtesy Maarten Van Damme, Flickr)

Fans of J.P. Beaumont and Brandon Walker will enjoy reading J.A. Jance’s latest novel, Dance of the Bones. For the first time ever, Jance brings two characters from different series together to solve a murder spanning several decades and jurisdictions. Read more of this post

J. A. Jance’s ‘Cold Betrayal’ Brings Serious Social Issues To Light

J.A. Jance

J. A. Jance (Photo courtesy Mary Ann Halpin Studios)

J.A. Jance doesn’t hold back any punches in her latest novel, Cold Betrayal. Read more of this post