It Takes Courage to Be Empathetic


We can’t take away the pain of the world, but we can make it more tolerable when we are empathetic. (Photo by Arwen Abenstern – KWP, Flickr)

Those of you who follow along with us on a regular basis may have realized that we frequently introduce books that celebrate people, whether real or fictitious, who make a difference in the lives of others. Three of our diamond reviewed books come immediately to mind: My Glory Was I Had Such FriendsThe Trick, and our most recent volume, What Blooms from Dust. What is it that these volumes have in common? The answer is easy: empathy.  Read more of this post

Perilous and Heartbreaking, ‘Run the Storm’ Recounts the Tragic Wreck of the SS El Faro [REVIEW]

Hurricane Joaquin

When the SS El Faro is caught in the midst of a savage hurricane, even its brave crew can’t keep it from shipwreck. (Photo courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

When a well-maintained ship with a seasoned crew travels the same route week after week without incident, by all appearances its next journey should have been a safe one. But when a small tropical storm suddenly becomes a category four hurricane, even the bravest sailors are helpless to resist the destructive power of nature. Discover how a massive vessel like the SS El Faro simply vanished one day in 2015 in George Michelsen Foy’s spellbinding non-fiction account of this devastating true story, Run the Storm. 
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After the Storm, Hope Awaits ‘At Wave’s End’ [REVIEW]


Life can be beautiful, even in the wake of a great storm. (Photo by J. Triepke, Flickr)

When a hurricane blasts the Jersey Shore, a woman leaves the city behind to help heal the community devastated by the storm. But will she be able to repair both her mother’s ravaged home as well as their tenuous relationship? Find out in Patricia Perry Donovan’s new novel, At Wave’s End.  Read more of this post

New Orleans Casts Her Spell Once Again


Since we will move to Massachusetts soon, we began talking about the things we still wanted to do in the South before we leave. We’ve visited Amarillo, Dallas/Fort Worth, Natchez, Eureka Springs and even been to Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas. But one place we haven’t been is New Orleans. This weekend, that changes. Read more of this post