Perilous and Heartbreaking, ‘Run the Storm’ Recounts the Tragic Wreck of the SS El Faro [REVIEW]

Hurricane Joaquin

When the SS El Faro is caught in the midst of a savage hurricane, even its brave crew can’t keep it from shipwreck. (Photo courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

When a well-maintained ship with a seasoned crew travels the same route week after week without incident, by all appearances its next journey should have been a safe one. But when a small tropical storm suddenly becomes a category four hurricane, even the bravest sailors are helpless to resist the destructive power of nature. Discover how a massive vessel like the SS El Faro simply vanished one day in 2015 in George Michelsen Foy’s spellbinding non-fiction account of this devastating true story, Run the Storm. 
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