Richard Paul Evans’ ‘The Mistletoe Inn’ Reminds Us To Love Who We Are [REVIEW]


Two writers discover the secret to writing bestselling fiction in Richard Paul Evans’ new classic, The Mistletoe Inn.
(Photo by Georgie Pauwels, Flickr)

What does it take to become a successful author? Richard Paul Evans knows, and he shares his secret as he once again enthralls his readers in his latest book, The Mistletoe Inn. Read more of this post

Carolyn Hart’s ‘Don’t Go Home’ Is A Well Written Whodunit! [REVIEW]


Sometimes folks in your home town don’t want to see you return.
(Photo courtesy Josh McGinn, Flickr)

Mystery fans with a penchant for classic whodunits and a sleuth who can’t seem to stay out of trouble will love Carolyn Hart’s newest novel, Don’t Go Home. Read more of this post