Brad Taylor’s ‘American Traitor’ Frays Our Nerves [REVIEW]

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He saw something he shouldn’t have at an F-35 facility, and now he’s on the run. (Photo courtesy Canva)

A world on the brink of war. A nation desperate for control. An operative determined to stop the ultimate betrayal. Sometimes saving mankind from itself is all in a day’s work. Thus begins Brad Taylor’s 15th installment in the breathtaking Pike Logan series, American Traitor.

William Morrow

When Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill escape to sunny Australia on vacation, their R and R is cut short when they find out that their good buddy Clifford Delmonty (callsign Dunkin) is in major trouble. While working as a contractor at an F-35 facility, he saw more than he was supposed to, and now the Chinese want his head.

As they seek to help their friend, Pike and Jennifer get caught up in the various plot twists resulting from China’s determination to reclaim Taiwan. As secrets are uncovered and loyalties exchanged, millions of lives hang in the balance while a precious few manipulate the threads of fate and ultimately, the destiny of man.

No one captures the relentless terror and nail-biting tension like Brad Taylor. As Pike and his team race against time to right a wrong and prevent a third world war, they are thrust into numerous situations where they must match wits with an enemy who truly believes in their right to rule. Leave it to Pike and crew to offer their opponents some clarity!

Even in the midst of non-stop action and intrigue, Taylor adds dollops of humor to lighten the mood when our nerves are at the breaking point. I literally laughed out loud as Pike and his boss, George Wolf, exchange candid banter that lends the story authenticity and makes their relationship feel genuine. Despite their mutual respect, these two don’t mince words. In one scene, Pike reminds his boss that he’s someone who will always pull the trigger first and ask questions later, much to George’s chagrin since he prizes strategy and diplomacy above all else.

“Okay, sir. No support. I understand. But remember this: you asked for some Pike magic, and I’m giving it right now. You can thank me later.”

Wolfe said, “Pike! That’s not going to happen.” And then he realized Pike had hung up the phone.

Similar interactions kept me engaged on a personal level throughout this novel, and left a smile on my face when I finally finished reading the book.

Filled with terrific characters and pulse-pounding action, American Traitor once again proves why Taylor is quickly becoming one of the most beloved thriller writers of our time. His hard-won insights into the inner workings of America’s military elite and classified operations make his tales feel as if they’ve been ripped from the headlines, which is why this novel is truly frightening. Taylor does a stellar job keeping the tension so palpable it frays our nerves!

If you enjoy reading novels by authors like Brad Taylor, Kyle Mills, Jack Carr and Ben Coes, now is the time to give Brad Taylor’s books a try. Buy or borrow a copy of American Traitor today!

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Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor (Photo by Claudio Marinesco)


Brad Taylor, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), is a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry and Special Forces, including eight years with the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment–Delta, popularly known as Delta Force.

Taylor retired in 2010 after serving more than two decades and participating in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as classified operations around the globe. His final military post was as assistant professor of military science at The Citadel.

He has written 14 New York Times bestsellers and is a security consultant on asymmetric threats for various agencies. He lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife and two daughters.

For more information, visit, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

By Brad Taylor
464 pp. William Morrow. $28.99

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