Five Houseplants to Boost Your Health

Rosemary and oranges

Add houseplants like rosemary to your home and you may just notice your mood lift and your health improve! (Photo courtesy Canva)

I’m crazy about houseplants. They bring nature into my home, brighten my living space, and replenish my oxygen supply. But more than that, their simple beauty brings me joy, and I love nurturing them along and watching them grow. But did you know that they have other health benefits too? Here are five plants you should add to your windowsill today to improve your life.

Lavender flowers in field

(Photo courtesy Canva)

Lavender is high on my list of must have plants for two reasons: first, its unmistakable fragrance transports me to one of my favorite places, New Mexico, where Elizabeth and Roger Inman have grown it for 19 years at the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu. We first encountered them at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, and it was love at first whiff. Second, when you put a lavender plant in your bedroom, you’re powerless to resist its amazing ability to send you into a deep, relaxing slumber. And who of us doesn’t need better rest?

Pink orchid flowers

(Photo courtesy Canva)

Orchids are the perfect plant to give someone who is in the hospital. Not only do they have a calming effect on patients which helps reduce pain and anxiety, but they are great at reducing air pollution and other airborne toxins. According to Hills Plants, some cultures even believe orchid flowers can help heal diabetes as well as other lung and kidney disorders. We just think they’re gorgeous!

White peace lily

(Photo courtesy Canva)

Peace Lilies will also help you breathe more deeply, especially if you have a painting project coming up. These gorgeous flowers remove things such as trichloroethyiene from the air, a solvent found in paint and varnish which is known to cause headaches, gastrointestinal irritation and decreased appetite. Plus, if you put it in your bathroom, it will absorb extra moisture from the air and will reduce mildew and mold development, two things people suffering from chronic lung illnesses such as asthma want to avoid.

Blue rosemary flowers

(Photo courtesy Canva)

Rosemary is another favorite plant of ours, in part because it has such a pleasing aroma and because it adds great flavor to so many of our favorite dishes. However, this herb has other benefits too, such as enhancing brain function and increasing a neurotransmitter called acetycholine which assists with memory. A recent article by writer John Staughton references studies which show rosemary helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels and joints, and is also known to fight gut problems like irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloating, and constipation.

Spider plant

(Photo by Sandra, Flickr)

Spider Plants are hardy, easy to grow, and are known to help purify your home’s air. But according to a NASA study, they also remove up to 95 percent of formaldehyde from the air around them, a gas used to treat construction materials such as wood composites, glues, and insulation. Prolonged exposure to this gas has been known to cause certain types of cancer, so keeping this plant around is a no-brainer. And, if you want to share the wealth, simply cut off the flowers and start baby plants. They make great gifts!

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

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