Secrets Abound in Emily Arsenault’s ‘The Last Thing I Told You’ [REVIEW]

Dark road through trees

In his search for answers, a detective must travel down the dark roads of the human psyche to find the truth in Emily Arsenault’s new thriller, The Last Thing I Told You. (Photo by Angy DS, Flickr)

A murdered shrink. A tenacious detective. A convicted killer. And a runaway suspect with a violent past. Who is the killer? And what sordid secrets must be uncovered to get to the truth? Find out in Emily Arsenault’s mind-bending new thriller, The Last Thing I Told You.


William Morrow

When therapist Dr. Mark Fabian is murdered, Detective Henry Peacher is on the case, trying to piece together who killed the psychologist and why. His search leads him to two suspects: Fabian’s former patient and Henry’s former classmate, Nadine Raines, a woman whose sanity everyone questions; and Johnny Streeter, a man now serving a life sentence for a mass shooting committed five years before. Are the two suspects connected? If so, how? And if Nadine is innocent, why has she disappeared so soon after only just returning to her hometown after a twenty year absence?

With The Last Thing I Told You, Arsenault takes readers on the ride of their lives, navigating thrilling twists and hairpin turns that keep us turning pages with demonic intensity. Told from alternating points of view (chapters switch back and forth between the voices of both Henry and Nadine), this is a novel that is written with keen insight into the human psyche and fueled with intense, sometimes almost painfully acute emotion.

Readers will find themselves reveling in every turn as they unravel every nuance of this book, vigilantly exploring the minds of both narrators, eager to understand the motives behind their choices. However, I offer one bit of caution: the secrets within this novel are complex and nothing is ever what it seems. If you enjoy novels by the likes of Chris Ewan (Dark Tides), Ruth Ware (In A Dark, Dark Wood), or Iain Reid (I’m Thinking of Ending Things), you’re going to love chasing this story down the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

Emily Arsenault

Emily Arsenault
(Photo by Ross Gram)


Emily Arsenault is the author of The Evening SpiderThe Broken TeaglassIn Search of the Rose NotesMiss Me When I’m Gone, and What Strange Creatures.

Before she began writing, she worked as an editorial assistant for Merriam-Webster and served in the Peace Corps with her husband in rural South Africa.

She currently resides in Shelburne Falls, Mass. with her husband, daughter, and a mysterious cat named Agatha. Visit her home on the Web at and like her on Facebook.

By Emily Arsenault
416 pgs. William Morrow. $15.99

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