Randy Wayne White’s ‘Cuba Straits’ Is A Must Read For Baseball Fans

Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White (Photo courtesy Wendy Webb)

Randy Wayne White’s Cuba Straits will reel in baseball fans and thrill seekers alike.

Marion “Doc” Ford and Tomlinson, his faithful comrade in arms, are asked to find a missing baseball player carrying documents relating to Cuban history as well as search for treasure deep in the heart of Cuba.

Russian hit men, sultry women, human trafficking and sea turtles are all part of the fun and games Ford and Tomlinson encounter while uncovering the truth.

Cuba Straits

G. P. Putnam’s Sons

However, Ford will face a firing squad if he returns to Cuba. But as readers know, adventure and curiosity are trademarks of Ford’s personality, so let the escapades begin!

In this delightful novel, you’ll enjoy Cuba’s many scenic landscapes and meet the eclectic, warmhearted people who help Ford and Tomlinson garner the truth about what happened between the United States and Cuba from 1960-1962.

Randy Wayne White‘s masterful writing will have you waiting expectantly for the next novel in the Doc Ford series.

By Randy Wayne White
336 pps. G.P. Putnam’s Sons. $26.95.

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