‘Brain Games For Puppies’ Makes One Happy Canine [REVIEW]

Claire trains a puppy.

Claire trains a puppy. (Photo credit: Roddy Paine/Interpet Publishing)

My husband and I bought an 8-week-old English Labrador Retriever from a breeder in Ohio. We named him Leonardo after the famous painter. Leonardo was the first puppy to walk up to my husband. At that point we knew, he was the one.

On the way home, Leonardo sat in my lap and was such a cuddle bug that I soon fell in love with him. To hear my husband tell this story I carried Leonardo everywhere. Jathan says, “His feet seldom touched the ground until he was too big for Heather to carry!” I admit nothing.

Brain Games for Puppies

Firefly Books

Leonardo grew into a wonderful companion to our family. He was so intelligent and wanted to please us, but sometimes he could really be stubborn. Therefore, I could really relate to Claire Arrowsmith’s advice on” testing toys, human contact, play style and verbal interaction” (24-25) in her book entitled, Brain Games For Puppies.

Ms. Arrowsmith’s clear, concise reasoning and the layout of the book allows the reader continuity from one chapter to another. So why not try some of Ms. Arrowsmith’s step-by-step instructions for raising a happy, healthy and obedient dog today?

Although Leonardo was very easy to train, I will be interested to use several of the brain games when we adopt another puppy or dog in our home. I was very intrigued by the section in chapter five called “Yoga Dog!” (58)

Order the book for more of Arrowsmith’s sage wisdom. In the meantime, check out the interview Jathan did with Pete Braley and Kasey Silvia on the WBSM Morning Show. Claire’s advice comes across as smart, loving, and quite helpful to the puppy parent.

As originally published on WBSM.com

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