Two Couples Meet Their Match in Katie Lane’s ‘The Heart of a Texas Cowboy’ [REVIEW]

Cowboy love
What is a cowboy to do when he falls for the wrong woman? (Photo courtesy Canva)

Twin sisters. Two unsuspecting cowboys. A surprise pregnancy. Love is about to buck these men clear out of the saddle. Do the girls have what it takes to throw a rope around the hearts of the guys they want so they can keep them for good? Find out in Katie Lane’s juicy Western romance, The Heart of a Texas Cowboy.

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Jayne Ann Krentz’s ‘Secret Sisters’ Is Worthy Of A Sequel [REVIEW]


Some secrets should always stay buried. (Photo by Ripton Scott, Flickr)

Everyone has a secret, one so chilling only one other person on the face of the earth knows. You just hope and pray your friend will take this secret to their grave rather than expose you. Jayne Ann Krentz’s latest novel, Secret Sisters, is about this kind of deep abiding friendship, one that transcends all forces that batter against it.  Read more of this post