Elly Griffiths’ ‘The Woman in Blue’ Is Profoundly Entertaining [REVIEW]

The Church of St. Peter in Walsingham

Medieval Walsingham is the perfect backdrop for an ominous story filled with murder, mayhem and thinly-veiled threats. (Photo by Spencer Means, Flickr)

Elly Griffith’s latest Dr. Ruth Galloway novel, The Woman in Blue, unfolds like a deadly, mysterious flower in the medieval village of Walsingham. With haunting, elegant prose, readers are lured into a story populated by quirky characters, an intriguing landscape, and an impossible whodunit that will keep them guessing.  Read more of this post

Mary Higgins Clark’s ‘Death Wears A Beauty Mask And Other Stories’ Is Brilliantly Written [REVIEW]

Woman's hand on floor

Sometimes high fashion can be murder.
(Photo courtesy Wimena Kane, Flickr)

In Mary Higgins Clark’s latest collection, Death Wears A Beauty Mask and Other Stories, the queen of suspense has published ten smartly written pieces of fiction, including the never-before-published title novella which she began writing in 1972, but only recently finished.  Read more of this post

‘The Cinderella Murder’ Reveals Who Has The Missing Shoe [REVIEW]

Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark (Photo by Bernard Vidal)

I have not read a book by Mary Higgins Clark in quite some time. So I really didn’t know what to expect when reading The Cinderella Murder. However, I did enjoy Clark’s latest for its methodical plotting. Read more of this post