V.C. Andrews’ ‘Bittersweet Dreams’ Is A Delicious Read [REVIEW]

Lonely girl

In V.C. Andrews’ BITTERSWEET DREAMS, a gifted prodigy must learn to deal with adult issues.
(Photo by Stephen Brace, Flickr)

V.C. Andrews’ latest novel, Bittersweet Dreams, takes a long hard look at the importance of beauty, intellect and maturity in what is one of the author’s smartest novels to date. Read more of this post

Pamper Your Hands and Nails In Texarkana At Savvy Nails And Spa

His and Hers Manicures

Jathan and Heather Fink/Jadeworks Entertainment

When moving to a new town, which person can be the most difficult to find? Doctors? Dentists? Actually, those professionals are pretty easy to locate. Insurance plans see to that. But some other professionals can be harder to track down and are even more difficult to trust! Read more of this post